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Here's what's new!

More efficient options for: 

1. Online Yearbook Software (click here to see)

2. Online Ordering

3. Online Live Support and Training

What will yearbook season look like this year?

• Drive-thru or social distanced portrait sessions?

• Online/Distant learning?

• Hybrid schedules?

• Smaller classes?

• Longer school year?

• Online yearbook ordering?

• Shipping to home?

Depending on your location, some, or all of this may be your reality.

But while this season will undoubtedly look different, school will continue,

and yearbooks will remain an integral part of the experience.

Advanced Imaging software includes:

Teachers and students can work together on the yearbook from different locations, communicating within the software.

Students of all ages can create their own beautifully designed yearbook pages. Parents, teachers and students can submit candid photos for the yearbook. Yearbooks can be ordered completely online, and even shipped to home. Yearbook Ads can be designed online by parents to provide important student recognition. Ads and other products can be sold online to boost revenue and promote school spirit.

New this Year!

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